• Litigation Readiness

Offering protection and peace of mind.

Today, organizations have an increasing need for constant and defensible litigation response processes, even as discovery costs rise. Many are proactively preparing for potential litigation and investigations by reducing data related risk and cost. This litigation readiness helps companies produce and present their findings quickly, accurately, and with minimal expense.
A critical part of driving holistic information governance, litigation readiness reduces the cost of discovery, while improving information lifecycle management, data privacy, and data protection strategies. Improving your litigation readiness will:
  • Optimized the legal hold process
  • Standardize data identification and management for discovery
  • Develop discovery vendor requirements
  • Reduce unnecessary data collection, processing, and review
  • Align policies and procedures with leading practices to develop a defensible program

At BDO, our team of experienced professionals works directly with our clients to limit incomplete collections and risk of spoliation, reduce legal exposures, avoid inconsistencies in the discovery processes, and drive compliance with regulators.
Testifying Experts
Our services include a combination of knowledge from our testifying experts and advisors, proprietary technologies and data analytics, as well as leading technologies. We help our clients with everything from developing and implementing retention schedules to enhancing standards and controls for legal hold processes, and performing discovery vendor reviews and audits.
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