• Portfolio Aggregation and Reporting

Providing true visibility into what you own.

For family offices, endowments, foundations, and high-net-worth investors using multiple external managers, optimizing a portfolio requires a comprehensive view of all the underlying investments and their performance. Without this view, investors run the risk of having “hidden” overlapping risk exposures and suboptimal allocations that detract from the diversification investors seek.
We provide portfolio aggregation and reporting to give investors a 360-degree view of their holdings.
More than just software that creates a high-level asset allocation pie chart, our monthly reporting delivers granular analysis of sub-asset classes and sectors. This analysis is conducted by investors who understand the nuances of each asset class.
This information allows investors to assess their true exposure to risk factors across asset classes and manage their investments as a true portfolio, rather than as a collection of managers.

Benefits of Portfolio Aggregation and Reporting

 Quarterly reports on consolidated asset allocation and exposure to sub-asset classes, sectors, and specific securities
 Quarterly consolidated portfolio accounting and tracking toward stated investment policies and goals
 Online access to daily consolidated account balances
 Transparency into overall risk exposures and unintended concentrations
 Analysis of individual manager performance