• SOC for Cybersecurity

Trust through communication.

 Cybersecurity threats are on the rise for organizations of all sizes, in all industries. For many of these organizations, there’s building pressure from stakeholders to prove they have effective cybersecurity system and organization risk management controls in place. Businesses need to be able to detect and mitigate cyber breaches that could disrupt business operations, damage their brand, and cause significant financial losses.
Nothing can prevent a cybersecurity threat or breach completely. However, steps can be taken to greatly mitigate the risk of falling victim to an attack. At BDO, we help our clients – and their boards – by adding substantial credibility to assertions made by management about their cybersecurity risk management program. We also assess the current state of an organization’s cyber program and risk management controls, conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment and gap analysis, identify key risk areas, and recommend remediation strategies that align with both the SOC for Cybersecurity attestation standard and the specific cybersecurity controls framework an organization has adopted. BDO helps our clients better identify, assess, and manage their organization’s cybersecurity risk – whether just establishing a formal risk management program or ensuring their existing one is sound.