• eXtensible Business Reporting
    Language (XBRL)

Streamlined data. And compliance, too.

Since the SEC began requiring XBRL tagging in 2009, controversy has arisen around companies who provide inappropriate data, too many tags, deviations from standard tagging procedures, and other issues. With recent SEC hints that they may start issuing comment letters on XBRL data, increased scrutiny seems inevitable.
BDO’s experienced service professionals utilize industry-leading software and deep experience to review your XBRL data, perform SOP 13-2 agreed upon procedures, and communicate quality issues, errors, or inefficiencies. BDO will make sure that your XBRL files are properly formatted and tagged in accordance with the current XBRL-US GAAP Taxonomy and all SEC regulations. Our services include:
  • Full XBRL tagging services
  • XBRL consulting services
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Comment letter resolution assistance

In addition to assuring SEC compliance, many companies find that proper use of XBRL can generate cost savings, streamline data consolidation and access, improve data accuracy and reliability, and speed up reporting timelines. Most importantly, however, BDO’s XBRL services will allow your business to “tell its own story.” In other words, to present data proactively, in a way that best positions your company in the eyes of investors and analysts. 
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