BDO PHA Finance Seminars

BDO’s 2021 selection of PHA Finance Seminars will cover a variety of topics including, a comprehensive breakdown of Low Income Public Housing and Section 8 programs’ accounting and reporting activities, strategies and techniques to protect reserves and survive challenges, a detailed review of RAD financial and accounting requirements, and important goals, deadlines and topics integral to preparing for the upcoming year.
Our 2021 series includes live webinars, on-demand learning, in-house training hosted by PHAs and instructor led workshops held at various states and regional conferences.

Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Financials for Non-Financial Managers

This is a great session for staff that are in the Executive Office or part of HCV Operations that need an understanding of the financial concepts for the HCV program. This webinar is also excellent to any new accounting staff or accounting staff that need a refresher of the financial basics. We will be discussing how RNP, UNP will be calculated.

November 15, 2021


Voucher Management System, RNP Reconciliation & Updates Webinar

This live session will review the requirements for the submission of the VMS. It will discuss the reporting of HAP expenses for each category, unit month reporting and other required fields that must be reported monthly. The materials will include how the calculate RNP for VMS reporting and FDS reporting to avoid FDS rejections and maintain the integrity of reporting RNP on the VMS. This session will also include the latest changes in the VMS User’s Manual.

November 16, 2021



Understanding HUD's Two Year Tool

HUD’s Two-Year Tool (TYT) is a very important solution to assist in managing your PHA’s Housing Choice Voucher Program. This tool will help project annual leasing, maximize administrative fees, monitor reserve levels (HHR, RNP) and project future HAP funding. This session will review all the primary fields to assist you to maximize leasing in your program.

November 17, 2021


Financial Background of CFP Accounting

This course discusses the basics of budgeting, accounting and reporting for the Capital Fund. The session will explain obligation and expenditures deadlines and provide guidance on eligible and ineligible costs. The accounting entries for the CFP grant will be explained including the use of contra-accounts. In addition, this course will provide additional information for obtaining extensions for obligations and closing out the CFP grant to the Public Housing program.

November 18, 2021


The Basics of the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAs)

HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center effectively and fairly measures the performance of a public housing agency (PHA) using the PHAS. PHAS consists of four indicators and their related sub-indicators. This live webinar will discuss the all the indicators and sub-indicators, scoring methodologies, designations and tips to increase scoring.

November 19, 2021


Nuts & Bolts HUD Accounting, Budgeting & Reporting

Join BDO PHA Finance as we launch our live webinar: Nuts and Bolts of HUD Accounting, Budgeting, and Reporting. This program will be presented on a user-friendly platform, providing you with the ability to easily ask questions and hear the latest GAAP, GASB and HUD updates from BDO’s seasoned, knowledgeable professionals. 

December 7 - 9, 2021: Track 1
December 14 - 16, 2021: Track 2


CARES Act: Supplemental Funding For Public Housing & First Round of HCV Supplemental Funding

This session is a reprise of our live session held May 8, 2020 and will discuss the eligible and ineligible costs that are permitted with the supplemental funds recently provided by HUD to pay for COVID-19 expenses. We will review the new flexibilities and waivers HUD is providing to administer the LIPH and HCV programs through PIH Notices 2020-7 & 2020-8. Capital Funds will be examined in respect to certain costs that will be permitted, as well as the BLI limitations that have be relaxed. We will also examine the period of performance, accounting and reporting requirements for the supplemental funds and record retention. Please review the questions and answers from our live session that has been posted here.

Accounting for Supplemental COVID-19 Funding

This session discusses the practical guidance to record the activities related to the supplemental funding for COVID-19 in the PHA’s general ledger. With this suggested guidance, it will help the PHA’s Accounting Department record expenses and revenues for the AMPS, COCC, HCV and CFP programs. 

Managing New PHA Deadlines  

The purpose of this video is to provide some guidance and strategy regarding the modified deadlines issued by HUD in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This video will clarify the specific new deadlines regarding unaudited and audit REAC submissions along with how PHA scoring is being impacted.  Planning for the year-end close process and annual audit will also be covered to provide some thoughts on the best practices in light of the new deadlines.



Brian Alten, CPA

Jason Casterline, CPA
Managing Director