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At BDO, we combine the world-class resources of a global network with a multicultural attitude. With integrated service teams, active partner involvement, and open and clear communication, we offer our clients in the Asia Pacific business region confidence and peace of mind.

The dynamic economies of the Asian Pacific region are developing new standards across industries such as manufacturing, retail, and technology; BDO is pleased to offer business resources and services to match this continual innovation and progress. In Asia Pacific, our professionals offer local contacts and cultural knowledge to advance client goals, with an emphasis on building trusted, long-term relationships. Our cross-border team members can skillfully advise on multifaceted topics such as trade policy, regulatory impact, and tax optimization.
BDO’s International Desks are comprised of professionals who have lived, worked, and maintain connections to countries around the world. These individuals are dedicated to serving organizations with a global footprint, attending to your auditing, tax, and advisory needs. They specialize in understanding cross-border transactions and are there to assist local country teams in delivering practical solutions not only in the United States, but any country in the Asia Pacific business region. As your needs evolve, you have access to knowledge sharing and collaboration, as well as exceptional client service, on a global scale.

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Lee Duran Assurance Partner; Japan Desk Leader 858-431-3410
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Thiru Govender Assurance Office Managing Partner; India Desk Leader 813-269-6734
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Bill Liao Assurance Partner; China and ASEAN Desk Leader 310-557-8537
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