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It’s no longer enough to be operationally efficient.

When it comes to business operations, excellence is the new standard – and that means being adept at managing a very different workforce, facing digital disruption head-on, and dealing with entirely new areas of risk.  But with disruption comes opportunity -- opportunity to evolve and innovate business processes, fuel growth and drive change. From tax automation and analytics, to the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain in the audit, to systems implementations and transformation strategies, the impact of innovation is felt far and wide, in every department and across organizations of all sizes and industries.

At its core, organizational transformation is about reinventing your business and operations for the future digital economy. The operational excellence that can be achieved by embracing innovations like automation to increase efficiencies and advanced analytics to support strategic planning is like nothing we’ve seen before. To stay in the game, companies must adapt; from people to process to technology – and everything in between.

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Innovative Use of Robotics in Internal Audit


Eskander Yavar - BDO Houston
Eskander Yavar Partner, BDO Digital; Management and Technology Advisory Services National Leader and Manufacturing Practice National Leader 713-407-3293
Gregory Garrett - BDO Greater Washington, D.C.
Gregory Garrett Head of U.S. and International Cybersecurity, BDO Digital 703-893-0600
Maurice Liddell
Maurice Liddell Principal, BDO Digital 713-407-3265
Kirstie Tiernan
Kirstie Tiernan Partner, BDO Digital 312-616-4638
Chris Alger - BDO Pittsburgh
Chris Alger Managing Director 412-281-4323
Joe Sremack - BDO Greater Washington, D.C.
Joe Sremack Director, Data Analytics & Software Robotics 703-770-9046
Kelly Johnson - BDO Greater Washington, D.C.
Kelly Johnson Business Services & Outsourcing National Leader 703-770-9040
Ryan Guthrie
Ryan Guthrie Partner; Transaction Advisory Services National Practice Leader 714-668-7385
Anthony Alfonso
Anthony Alfonso Principal - Corporate Finance Co-Leader and Valuation & Business Analytics National Leader 310-557-8565
Karen Schuler.
Karen Schuler Principal; Governance, Risk & Compliance National Practice Leader 301-354-2581
Chris Bard
Chris Bard R&D and FDII Tax National Leader; Global R&D Center of Excellence Chairman 310-557-7525
Barbara Torzewski
Barbara Torzewski Managing Director 248-244-6527
Jeff Ward
Jeff Ward Third-Party Attestation National Managing Partner 314-889-1220
Greg Schu
Greg Schu Management & Technology Advisory Services Partner, BDO Digital 612-367-3045
Michael Pappas - BDO New York
Michael Pappas Corporate Real Estate Advisory National Practice Leader 212-885-8429
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