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BDO is continuously finding new ways to help your organization thrive.

The digital economy is here – and it’s spectacular. For some companies and organizations, the new-ness is paralyzing: too much change, happening too fast, with too much uncertainty. For those willing to embrace the disruption, however, it is energizing, electrifying, a window of opportunity to reimagine then reinvent, with endless possibilities for growth and profitability.
For BDO, the objective is clear: help make it happen. Our business has always been about exceptional client service. And in this moment of digital transformation, we’ve invested heavily in our own transformation and innovation – technology-enabled services and relationships, advanced data analytics, deeper insights at your fingertips – reimagined resources designed to redefine excellence and elevate the value BDO brings to your business.


BDO Global Portal

Our Global Portal is a personalized, secure, cloud-based window into both your business and your BDO relationship. It is a gateway to insights – from the market, your organization, your data, and from BDO – and a platform for communication and collaboration.
The Portal provides you with a single, global view of engagements, allowing for greater transparency, more streamlined work processes, and centralized data and document management. Communication with your BDO professionals, anywhere in the world, is easier than ever before; with interactions integrated into your day-to-day in a way that works best for you and your organization.

The Portal enhances the benefits of your BDO relationship with access to BDO’s global library of proprietary applications, all in one place, including:


Exchange, BDO’s private, secure document sharing platform, simplifies the way documents and data are shared between your organization and ours.  Accessible through the Portal, and any device at any time, Exchange streamlines day-to-day access to information and provides a single place to upload documents, monitor deadlines, and view engagement status and activity.

BDO Advantage

BDO Advantage, our advanced data-analytics and benchmarking platform, provides access to in-depth, real-time analysis of nearly any aspect of your business to enable:
  • More strategic, data-driven decisions, from operations to opportunities.
  • Directed focus on the items that matter most.
  • Benchmarking against historical trends, industry standards, and other competitive comparators.
  • Identification of cost efficiencies, areas of risk, and growth opportunities in days or even hours (instead of months or years).



Matthew Becker
Matthew Becker National Managing Partner of Tax 616-802-3413
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Phillip Austin National Managing Partner – Professional Practice and Auditing 312-259-0357
Brian Miller - BDO San Francisco
Brian Miller National Partner, Audit Data Analytics & Emerging Methods 415-490-3293
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Kirstie Tiernan Principal; BDO Digital 312-616-4638
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Russ Ahlers Chief Information Officer 616-575-8805
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