Sam Lau - BDO New York

Sam Lau

Senior Manager


BDO New York - Park Avenue Office



Executive Summary

Sam Lau is a senior manager in BDO’s New York office. He has more than 10 years of experience providing litigation support domestically and internationally on cases involving the forensic identification, preservation, collection, analysis, and presentation of electronically stored information.

Sam assists organizations and their counsel, as well as federal, state, and local agencies, with the recovery of digital information relative to cases including sexual harassment, stock option backdating investigations, theft of intellectual properties and proprietary information, financial frauds, and subpoenaed evidence destructions. He has led numerous high-profile securities litigation investigations which involved forensically preserving, analyzing, and restoring electronically stored information from hundreds of computer systems using court-accepted methodologies and forensic applications.

In addition, he has collaborated with BDO’s global forensic team to conduct international forensic preservations and analyses. In adherence with each country’s data privacy laws, he designed and implemented onsite document review environments for attorneys. As an experienced document review project manager, Sam assists clients in developing streamlined and efficient document review processes by drawing on various tools and techniques to reduce the volume of data such as keyword searching, date filtering, MD5 deduplication, near deduplication, and metadata analysis.

Professional Affiliations

High Technology Crime Investigation Association
Institute of Computer Forensics Professionals


B.S., Finance/Management Information Systems (MIS), Boston University