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    The start of something amazing.

Internships at BDO

We treat our interns like we treat our longtime associates and partners – with respect. Regardless of which office you join or which group you’re assigned to, here’s what you can expect:





What makes a BDO internship different than any other? The people you work with, learn from, and are inspired by. But don’t just take it from us: read what past interns have to say about their experience:

"It’s been a completely different experience – being a part of a team that spans three states. We support the audit function and that requires something new every day. My colleagues are all intelligent, caring, supportive people who are committed to embracing the new opportunities that each client brings."
Jonathon Liu, Real Estate Valuation Intern
"Once a week I fly from Atlanta to Sarasota for a client meeting. It’s been absolutely incredible how much exposure I’m getting. My team is essential, without them I don’t know how I’d do it. They’ve helped me be the best me I can be."
Jacey Johnson, Assurance Intern
"Originally I was worried that my background wouldn’t really fit at BDO – or any advisory and accounting firm. I used to own a costume design company (so you see where the concern comes from!). But to my surprise they value what I bring: my creativity."
Tania Bukach, Core Tax Intern
"The thing I loved most about working at BDO? When the partners say they have an “open-door” policy, they actually do. But it’s even more than that. One time, a partner and I were working on the same 10-K. He came over to my desk to check if I had found any errors that maybe he had missed. And that’s how they treat all their interns, with that level of respect."
Alecia Swenson, Audit Associate
"At the beginning of my internship, I was really nervous about client-facing experiences. But BDO doesn’t just throw you in there. Your team prepares you for everything, and anything I didn’t understand – I asked about."
Jeremy Rocco, Assurance Intern
"I did BDO’s summer program Pathway to Success in DC, that’s where I had my original interview. Everyone from BDO was really interested in who I was as a person. Fast forward to my internship and I ran into one of the people from my interview.  And he remembered me! I was so surprised because they must’ve seen so many faces. I remember – this was in the first week – he pulled me aside and said “I’m happy that you’re here.” That really set the tone for how the rest of my internship would go."
Antonella Ubierna Calvo, Tax Intern
"Self-teaching and asking questions – I think those are the best ways to learn. There was this one time with this spreadsheet and … long story short what could have taken me 5 minutes took me about 2 hours. I should’ve asked. But if you don’t ask, the next best thing is to learn from your mistakes. What’s great about BDO is they encourage both types of learning."
Anne Katchmari, Tax Intern