• How I Help People Thrive

How I Help People Thrive

BDO’s Core Purpose is helping people thrive, every day.

It’s why we exist as a firm, and it applies as much to our clients as it does to our employees. We help each other learn, grow, and succeed, in ways both large and small. To highlight the ways in which we help people thrive, a few BDO people shared their favorite story of how they support – or have been supported by – a colleague.

“Whenever I see an article that relates to one of my client’s businesses, I send it along with a personal note. I’ve also sent along updated tax information, which saves her valuable time later, when we prepare tax returns. These are small gestures, but I know she appreciates them.” – Jessica Pulley, SALT (State and Local Tax) Senior Associate
“My co-workers and I have an unofficial rotation where we treat each other to coffee. We all know each other’s go-to orders. It might be a small gesture, but getting an unexpected coffee in the middle of a workday is always a pleasant surprise.” – Emily Smith, Assurance Senior Associate
“It’s all about the little things – during busy season, my co-workers and I try to keep each other upbeat and motivated – sending each other funny memes throughout the work day and checking in (and helping out) with other people’s workloads. Even when we’re busy, we take the time to have fun and keep up the spirit of the office.” – Caitlin Grant, Experienced Assurance Associate
“Last November, I had knee surgery and had to be on crutches for six weeks. I stayed at home to recover the first week before heading back into the office. Everyone was incredibly helpful. Coworkers offered to grab me food and water, and checked in to make sure I didn’t need anything. I even went to national training in Nashville, and was able to rent a scooter to get around. Try doing karaoke like that! Everyone was super supportive and helped my recovery time seem less like a burden.” – Joseph Bush, Experienced Tax Senior Associate

“During my second busy season, my team was working late to reach a deadline when the senior manger got a call from her husband – their daughter had a project for kindergarten due the next day which involved bringing 100 of something into school. Her daughter was able to find 53 pennies around the house, but they were 47 short. My co-worker and I heard this and walked around the office looking everywhere we could think of for pennies, and were able to find exactly 47. It brought a few minutes of fun to our team, and helped the senior manager’s daughter get her school project done.” – Tyler Kern, Assurance Senior Associate
 “I have a client who is elderly and doesn't feel comfortable driving downtown where our office is located.  She is also not exactly technologically savvy so sending her documents through email or file exchange isn’t really an option. But, obviously, she still deserves the highest level of service we can give her. So whenever I need something signed or want to give her an in-person update, I drive out to her house.  She is always very grateful that I go the extra mile to get what she needs done.” Nikki Mars, Manager