• Diary of a Working Parent

Diary of a Working Parent

For many parents, finding the right work+life fit™ can include a learning curve. From dialing into a conference call with a client to figuring out soccer practice pick-up, it can take time to figure out how to keep up with work and life commitments.

At BDO, we know that our people bring their best selves to work when they’re also able to be their best selves at home. From parent-child activities like trick-or-treating or holiday parties at the office, to embracing a truly flexible work schedule, BDO helps our working parents fully embrace every aspect of their lives.

To give you a better idea of how our people balance their work responsibilities with their home life, we’ve asked a few of our working parents to give us an inside look into their daily lives. Below, along with a brief description of their families, you’ll find diary entries that illuminate what its like to be a working professional – and a parent – at BDO.

Carla Wilder, Managing Director

I have two children, my son Corey II (17 years old) and my daughter Chayse (7 years old). There is a 10-year age gap between the two, so my son is going to be a senior in high school this year and my daughter is going into second grade. My husband and I work together to coordinate our schedules to be there for our kids’ activities, which this summer includes theater camp for both of them!

My husband is out of town this morning, so I’m responsible for dropping both children off at camp – plus I have a conference call at 9.. We all get into the car and drop of my daughter first. My son recently got his driver’s license, so I hop into the passenger seat and let him drive to camp. It’s rush hour, so I help him with directions while trying to make a mental list of everything I need to get done at work. Thankfully, I make it into the office in time to prep for my morning call!

My 7-year-old daughter has a performance tonight for her theater camp. After putting together a bag of my makeup she can use for the show, I head to work for a practice leaders’ meeting and a client meeting. My husband picks me up at 2, and I conduct a few conference calls en route to my daughter’s performance. She was great on stage!

Amy Rosenthal, Partner

I am divorced mother with two children. We also have two cats.

As I get started on my work in the office, one of my coworkers asks me about my weekend. I tell her about the AIDs walk my kids and I participated in on Saturday, with BDO’s Pride Alliance. My six-year-old had promised to walk the whole way, but only managed a few feet before I had to carry her. It means a lot to me that I can share this part of my life with my coworkers. I’m a lesbian and at other firms, I’ve felt pressure to hide who I am, and that was exhausting. Here, I can share my life and still be respected and valued.

Mornings at our house are a little hectic. I get up early so I can get ready and be totally focused on them in the morning. Once they are up, I make breakfast and lunch for all three of us. I take them to the bus, and then I’m off to work. It’s my day to pick up the kids, so I leave work at 5. I check in with my managers and my staff to make sure work can keep moving in my absence. I pick up the kids, cook dinner, and eat with them. After dinner, they do their homework and I get back online to check emails and finish up some work.

Fridays are special since we go to synagogue at night.  When I pick the kids up, I give them a snack and we go to the synagogue. I belong to an LGBT synagogue, which has a very diverse congregation. I’ve been out to my kids since they were little and they are now my biggest supporters. It’s important to me that they learn the value of inclusion and acceptance. After services, we go out to dinner.

Jessica Davis, Partner

I’m married to a full-time working husband, and we have a wonderful 3-year-old daughter, Cali. Before becoming a parent, work was pretty integrated into my everyday life. But leading up to my maternity leave, I figured out a plan with the partners to work on a reduced schedule, about three days a week. We have regular check-ins to ensure that everyone’s needs are being met, but I love having the flex time. I’m able to determine my own schedule, meet clients at off-peak traffic times, and make sure I’m there for daycare pickup.

After waking up and getting Cali ready for the day, I walk her to daycare to fit in some extra exercise. On my drive over to meet a client, I chat on the phone with a partner about the topics we plan to discuss at the meeting. Afterwards, the partner and I grab lunch and discuss my career development and current flex schedule. I head home to get some more work done before picking up my daughter from daycare. I make dinner (pasta!) and my husband gets Cali ready for bed while I relax. After Cali falls asleep, my husband and I watch a couple of shows and enjoy a beer.

When I wake up, I check my email and respond to a couple of partner and staff questions. I don’t usually work on Fridays, and my in-laws have planned a belated birthday party for my daughter! Between the puppet show (put on by my nieces) and lunch, I sneak a few minutes to review an engagement letter draft my senior printed for my yesterday afternoon. I also double-check that I finished all my tasks from yesterday and submit my time entry for the week before enjoying a piece of (delicious!) cake with my family.

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