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In today’s global, 24/7 marketplace, the traditional nine-to-five office model doesn’t always work – for our clients or for our people. That’s why BDO has built a different model: one designed to meet the needs of the market and our employees. We give our people the flexibility they need to maintain healthy personal lives, while also delivering on the promises we make to our clients. People who work in a flexible environment are happier, better-performing, and more committed – in short, they’re better at what they do.

So whether they need an afternoon to attend a child’s soccer game, or a schedule adjustment to accommodate a client in another time zone, we encourage our people to manage their schedules in a way that works for both them and the firm. To give you an inside look into how people are spending their time outside of work, we asked six people how they use flex. Here are their answers:

AllieKant_FlexSuccess_730x436_GirlsOnTheRunCoach-OC.jpg“I’m a coach for the Girls on The Run program, which helps young girls develop good running skills and build confidence. So every Friday in the spring, I leave the office a few hours early for practice. Everyone in my office is really supportive, but planning is important. I always make sure to remind my colleagues that I’ll be out of the office, and let clients know who to contact in case they need something urgent when I’m out.” – Allie Kant, Manager, Specialized Tax Services

Zac-Rankin-OC.jpg“When my family moved from Anchorage, AK to Spokane, WA, I had to get creative. But BDO’s flex options allow me to work from home the majority of the time – I travel back to the Anchorage office for one week a month to meet with clients. I thought it would be a difficult transition, but all the technology we have at BDO really helps. I’m easily connected to my colleagues and my clients, and I schedule face-to-face meetings pretty easily.” – Zac Rankin, Tax Manager

“When we started a family, my wife and I wanted to make it a priority to maximize the time our son is with one of us. Since my wife works later in the day, I come into the office early so I can leave in time for daycare pickup. Not only has this schedule worked for my family life, but I’m more productive, since I have uninterrupted time in the office for the first few hours of every day.” – Todd Bamesberger, Tax Senior Associate

Angeleah-Cleek-4-OC.jpg“My horse lives in a stable in Austin, which is a few hours away. I usually ride on the weekends but depending on the trainer’s schedule, I sometimes need to leave early on Friday afternoon. My manager has been super supportive of my passion; as long as I have a plan for my workload and make sure to connect with my colleagues to make sure no work is missed.” – Angeleah Cleek, BDO Consulting Senior Associate

“When I had my first child, I reduced my schedule to around 80 percent – but it hasn’t hindered my career – in fact, I was made partner without being in the office full-time. For me, it was important to establish accountability: everyone in my office knows that if there’s a project or assignment that I need to get done, I will.” – Laurie De Armond, Assurance Partner

Slade-Fester-OC.jpg“I love my career, but I couldn’t still be doing a full-time corporate job if I wasn’t able to take time to surf and spend quality moments with my family. And I’ve used nearly every form of flex to make it happen, from long-term sabbaticals and reduced workload, to remote work and day-to-day shifts. Being on flex sometimes requires more work – you have to hold yourself accountable and be sure to deliver – but the payback is worth it.”  – Slade Fester, Assurance Office Managing Partner