• BDO Celebrates Black History Month

BDO Celebrates Black History Month

BDO’s multicultural alliance, our employee network focused on racial and ethnic inclusion, is leading a firmwide celebration of Black History Month. As part of this celebration, hear from four BDO employees who share what this month means to them and what it is like to be a black professional in the professional services industry. 



Private Equity Business Development Director 

What do you appreciate about BDO’s focus on diversity and inclusion?  

“BDO is very sincere about its efforts to recognize and celebrate diversity and inclusion among the ranks. It comes from the top and permeates throughout the firm.”  

Fun Fact: David played college football at the University of Virginia and participated in 3 Bowl Games (Sugar, Citrus, & Gator).  



Assurance Experienced Associate

What does it mean to you to be a black professional in the professional services industry? 

 “I am able to inspire other young women and men who look like me to pursue their dream career.”  

Fun Fact: Nicole is a polyglot! She speaks five languages fluently. 



Partner, Transaction Advisory Services – Financial  


What do you appreciate about BDO’s focus on diversity and inclusion? 

“I think every workplace should foster an environment where people can come to work without fear of being judged for who they are and have equal opportunities for career success. BDO has done a great job in creating this environment. The focus on diversity and inclusion is important to the development and retention of high performers that may otherwise feel like outsiders. I hope our diversity and inclusion programs reinforce that no matter what you look like, where you come from, who you love or whatever it is that makes you, you, BDO values you and supports you in your professional journey to achieve your best."

Fun Fact: Charles likes to sing but is terrified of singing in front of people. 



Tax Senior


What does Black History Month mean to you? 

“Black History month is important to me because it serves as a reminder of both the struggles and achievements of black people past and present. It also serves as a reminder of where we came from as a people and where we are going. This month is dear to my heart because it reminds me that whatever I put my mind and heart to, I will achieve.” 

Fun Fact: Juliet loves dancing and working out every day.