Additional Exclusions Granted by USTR for List 3 China Duties

November 2019

On October 28, 2019, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) published a Federal Register notice granting more exclusions of products from the 25-percent duty imposed on the third tranche (List 3) of Section 301 tariffs on goods worth approximately $200 billion. The published notices can be read online.
This is the third round of exclusions granted by USTR. The list of 83 newly-excluded product descriptions is set forth in the Annex to the respective Federal Register notice. These exclusions will retroactively apply to goods entered into the U.S. as of September 24, 2018, and will also apply for one year after the publication of this notice.
The exclusions are available for any importer whose product meets the specified product description set forth in the Annexes to these notices, regardless of whether the importer filed any exclusion request or whether the exclusion request had been previously denied.
The USTR has indicated that it will continue to issue determinations on pending exclusion requests on a periodic basis. Importers interested in seeking a refund of past duties paid under the Section 301 tariffs, or exploring duty mitigation strategies, please contact a BDO Customs and International Trade Services professional.

Damon V. Pike
  James Pai
Senior Manager

Yun Gao
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