BDO Knows Government Contracting Newsletter - Summer 2017

August 2017


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As Washington continues to settle and regulators catch their stride, contractors are going about business as usual. In the Summer 2017 BDO Knows Government Contracting Newsletter, we explore important financial, regulatory and compliance considerations contractors won't want to miss.

Client Q&A: Challenges Government Contractors Face Maintaining a Compliant Supply Chain—Part Four

Effectively monitoring the supply chain from end to end and managing the risks associated with a complex network of suppliers and subcontractors is growing more onerous and time-consuming. Under the close eye of regulators, contractors are working against strong compliance headwinds as they expand their supply chains across international borders.

Understanding New Cyber and IT-oriented Regulations for Contractors

Following widespread cyberattacks, like  WannaCry and  Petya that included thousands of ransomware attacks in across the globe, cybersecurity is top of mind in Washington D.C. and beyond. In efforts to keep sensitive information as secure as possible, government contractors will be held to similar standards to that of the federal government as outlined in The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publications (SP) 800-171.

In An Uncertain Time, Consider ESOPs

In an uncertain time for government budgets and priorities, government contractors may consider implementing Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) as a smart way to reward company stakeholders and encourage cash-flow.

Another Year in the Books: DCAA's FY 2016 Report to Congress

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) recently issued its sixth annual report to congress. The FY 2016 report highlights DCAA's activity, its successes in FY 2016 and thoughts and predictions about FY 2017. In this article, we explore key takeaways on how the latest report may impact the contracting community.

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