Inaugural Inside E-Discovery Survey

November 2014

Organizations today are faced with an unprecedented amount of data. According to a 2014 study by International Data Corporation, the size of the “digital universe” is doubling every two years, and by 2020, will reach 44 trillion gigabytes - nearly as many bits as there are stars in the sky. This exponential growth in electronically stored information (ESI) represents a significant challenge for companies and their counsel as they work to respond to litigation and investigations requiring digital information to be preserved, analyzed and produced. 

Certainly, the changes impacting e-discovery are not limited to the volume of electronic data. Rapid technological advancements, increasing global business operations, the use of mobile devices and social media, are all underscored by changing legal and regulatory requirements to significantly impact
how digital information is managed. Combined, these developments put pressure on organizations
and their counsel to increase the efficacy of their e-discovery processes to improve outcomes and
control costs.

Taking the pulse of e-discovery to identify key challenges and opportunities impacting corporations in the year ahead, the inaugural Inside E-Discovery Survey by BDO Consulting examined the opinions and insights of 100 senior in-house counsel at leading corporations throughout the U.S. regarding the state of e-discovery.

The survey found that corporate counsel see a significant need for improvement when it comes to handling and managing e-discovery, giving internal and external resources a combined grade of 6.5 out of 10 for overall effectiveness. As sweeping changes continue to impact the e-discovery market, in-house counsel recognize that the status quo will not suffice.