2017 In-House Legal Benchmarking Report

November 2017


Control, in and of itself, isn’t a positive thing. But knowing what needs to be controlled in precise ways is a key element to any solution. You can throw money, resources, and personnel at a problem and may effect some change, but when you know exactly what needs to be managed, you can get the same or better result with a fraction of the cost and effort.

This year’s In-House Legal Benchmarking Report shows the areas of focus that corporate legal teams are homing in on in the hopes of gaining the kind of control that will bring efficiency: control over process, both in-house and with 3rd-party vendors; control over project management through the use of technology; and control over data volumes and data types during preservation.

In Exterro, BDO and EDRM Duke Law's 2017 In-House Benchmarking Report, you'll find three major themes:

1) Continued Shift In-House: Moving legal services in-house is no longer just a trend for organizations — it’s becoming the norm. 51% of respondents reported that more than half their legal activities are now conducted internally.

2) Streamlining Legal Activities Starts with Legal Project Management: In the next two years, there is expected to be an increase in the use of legal project management technology, while also a decrease in use of spreadsheets and email.

3) More In-House Legal Teams Preserving New Data Types: Don’t think preserving new data types is necessary? Our survey respondents say otherwise: 50% reported preserving instant and text messages, 34% preserve social media communications and 8% preserve wearable devices.

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