BDO Knows Cybersecurity

November 2016

The FBI and Your Cybersecurity: “Don’t Patch the Roof During a Hurricane”

When it comes to understanding cybersecurity, and mitigating the threat of an attack, both the government and the private sector hold key pieces to the puzzle. All too often, though, when a cyber attack occurs, the victim organization is blindsided and left to pick up the pieces.
In a recent interview with The Cybersecurity Law Report, John Riggi, head of BDO Consulting’s Cybersecurity and Financial Crimes Unit and the former Chief of the FBI’s Cyber Division Outreach Section, discusses the importance of establishing a relationship with the FBI before an attack – giving companies access to critical FBI intelligence before disaster strikes, helping to complete the puzzle and better protect them from costly attacks that not only interrupt business, but can compromise security, intellectual property, and the bottom line.