BDO Cyber Threat Insights - 2018 1st Quarter Report

April 2018


The BDO Cyber Threat Insights 2018 Q1 Report is our first quarterly newsletter, and presents a compilation of significant events, based on on-going research conducted, with our partners, for clients across many sectors globally. It provides a summary of trends, with a focus on the major events and campaigns that made headlines including:
ADV_Cyber-Threat-Insights_newsletter_Q1-2018_icons-1.png        Bancomext SWIFT attack
ADV_Cyber-Threat-Insights_newsletter_Q1-2018_icons-2.png   The first ATM jackpotting attacks in the US
ADV_Cyber-Threat-Insights_newsletter_Q1-2018_icons-3.png   Walmart vendor database leak
ADV_Cyber-Threat-Insights_newsletter_Q1-2018_icons-4.png   Olympic Destroyer – malware attack on the Winter 2018 Olympic Games

We also share recommendations on how to mitigate vulnerabilities, and identify attack vectors and targets. 

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Gregory Garrett
Head of U.S. and International Cybersecurity
  Eric Chuang
Managing Director

Greg Schu
  Andrew Silberstein

Mike Stiglianese
Managing Director