Together we can.

Our mission is precisely aligned with yours: to do as much good as possible for as many people as possible. So, while your organization stands on the front lines – vaccinating against disease, helping the helpless, protecting basic human rights – we stand right beside you, wherever you are in the world, making sure you have the financial strength and operational stability required to succeed.
BDO provides comprehensive support and forward-thinking financial guidance to Global Charities and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) around the world, helping make a large and complex world feel smaller and more manageable. We help our clients not only achieve their goals today, but continue to do so tomorrow, next month and next year. Areas of service include:
  • US and Global GAAP, IFRS and Statutory financial statement audits
  • Donor-specific audits and other forms of combined assurance
  • Remediation of fraud, waste and abuse
  • Financial controls and cash management
  • Governance structure protocols and mechanisms
  • Cross-border and country-specific issues
  • Guidance on donor-related matters
  • Compliance metrics and non-compliance remediation
  • Donor mandates and efficient fund utilization
  • Expatriate tax and compliance risk 

BDO serves nonprofit organizations in over 160 countries. Our International Help Desks provide clients with near real-time access to BDO professionals in virtually every technical area, offering resources around the world for those dedicated to improving it. Our strategies are practical. Our outcomes are powerful. Our services are designed around the unique needs of each organization, doing whatever we can to help our clients help those who need it most.