In support of the mission.

They are the causes the private sector doesn’t serve, the problems the government can’t solve. They are the voiceless issues, the powerless victims, the beleaguered environment, the relentless diseases – the challenges that would otherwise be forgotten if not for the charitable organizations that fight on their behalf, and the foundations that support them. When you succeed, the world wins.
Behind every nonprofit heart is an organization that demands accountability. Measurement and analytics now play an increasingly important role for all nonprofit organizations. Donors and regulators want to ensure that resources are producing the intended impact, requiring charities and foundations to articulate, verify, and communicate their results. Behind the scenes, it’s all data-driven. Our services include:
  BDO supports both foundations and charities in over 160 countries. Our multidisciplinary, partner-led teams with specialized experience offer decades of experience with organizations of all sizes, able to provide services that deliver practical, scalable solutions through open communication. Our goal is to help our clients remove obstacles and focus on their missions.