• Market Access & Revenue

The right price to the right customer at the right time.

It’s a complex world we live in – the amalgam of public policy, legislative authority, coding, billing, and most of all, constant change. BDO provides a balanced, comprehensive, lasting yet dynamic guidepost to help ensure that innovative products enter and stay in the market.
No matter what their size, every company has the same challenges: gaining market access and providing the right customer with the right price at the right time. To be able to quickly provide pricing and manage customer programs, leaders need to effectively (and efficiently) coordinate efforts across their entire organization.

At BDO, we help our clients achieve strategic advantages in operational, financial, and strategic areas. Our professionals each have more than a decade of business and contracting experience, collaborating with manufacturers to address the market access, operational and data complexities inherent to commercial contracting. Our talented and experienced team will work directly with you, harnessing current initiatives and trends to help you make the strategic decisions to maintain, optimize, and grow your business. Our services include:
  • Reimbursement Strategy and Assessments
  • Policy Planning, Analysis, & Recommendations
  • Partner and Product Due Diligence
  • Commercial Strategy Changes Impact Assessment on Contracting and Government Compliance
  • Contract Strategy and Business Operations Assessments
  • Technology Solution Strategy Development
  • Software Solution Requirements and Selection
  • Implementation Planning, Design, Testing
  • Business Operations and Process Design
  • Program Management and Subject Matter Support
  • Contract Management Package Solution Implementations
  • Contract Compliance Assessments
  • Application and Business Operations Consulting