• Healthcare Strategy &

Transform to compete.

No one solution fits all healthcare organizations. As the industry transforms, organizations must assess their unique circumstances to determine the best way forward – financially, clinically, digitally and operationally.
BDO has helped clients across the country plan and implement comprehensive new strategies, working collaboratively with stakeholders to envision and implement future-state models to optimize performance and improve care with minimal disruption.



  • Achieve high-quality clinical outcomes at lower costs
  • Transition to value-based payment models
  • Maintain sustainable revenue growth
  • Shift site of service to encompass outpatient clinics and ambulatory centers
  • Pivot from facility investment to a digital platform to coordinate care across diverse care settings
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Uncover alternative sources of capital to fund innovation
  • Provide actionable data-driven insights
  • Implement data privacy and security assessments
  • Analyze population health management functions