• Integrated Program Management (IPM)
    and Earned Value Management (EVM)
    Systems (EVMS)

Design, Configure, Launch. 

Facing increasing competition, government contractors are searching for innovative ways to secure new business, trim costs, improve performance, and maintain compliance. By implementing Integrated Program Management (IPM) and Earned Value Management (EVM) Systems (EVMS), companies can help achieve these goals by automating  complex processes and gaining insight into important analysis. But EVM and IPM both require disciplined program management methodologies, processes, and effective tools. An EVMS is typically implemented when the organization has a contract over a certain dollar threshold that requires EVM reporting. If the EVM requirement is not in place, but the organization still wants to realize the benefits of disciplined program management, an IPM system may be implemented instead.
BDO provides a phased implementation approach that includes system design, configuration, documentation, training, launch, and ongoing support of the IPM/EVM System. Our dedicated Government Contracting professionals advise clients on all facets of IPM/EVM Systems and Process requirements. During the design phase, we assess our clients’ current project management capabilities and develop a EVMS Implementation Plan to help  achieve an effective system. Key activities completed in the design phase include developing the proposed Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) and Integrated Master Schedule (IMS). BDO looks at existing financial systems and scheduling tools and develops formats for extracting the relevant data and integrating with the IPM or EVM System, as well as documentation and training to ensure the success of the implementation team.