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BDO’s Health & Life Sciences Rx Podcast, hosted by The BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence & Innovation and the Life Sciences practice, seeks to provide insights into the trends disrupting healthcare and how companies can adapt and evolve in an ever-changing business landscape.

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Episode 10: Knowing When to Call it Quits in Drug Development and Healthcare Innovations

The drug development process is costly, time consuming and laden with risk—with only 1% of drugs making it from pre-clinical all the way to market, according to Pharma Intelligence. To beat these odds, life sciences leaders must know when to continue funding a promising, new product and when to call it quits.

In this episode of BDO’s Health & Life Sciences Rx Podcast, BDO’s Howard Levine sits down with leaders from the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Comet Therapeutics, and McDermott Will & Emery to discuss how life sciences leaders can evaluate whether to continue pursuing a drug development program or cancel it.

Tune in for insights into:
  • Why a “fast to failure” mentality is key to a successful development pipeline
  • How leaders can redivert organizational resources after ending a program
  • Why drug development failures can ultimately lead to positive outcomes
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Episode 9: Choosing the Right Biotech Exit Strategy

M&A activity has remained healthy in the biotech sector, as big pharma looks to scoop up the next blockbuster drug, and appetite for gene and immune oncology therapies continues to skyrocket. But when given the choice between an offer from a potential buyer, or the long road to commercialization, biotech companies must ask themselves: Do I stay the course or is now the right time to exit?
In this episode of BDO’s Health & Life Sciences Rx Podcast, BDO’s Todd Berry sits down with leaders from Universal Cells, Fortress Biotech, and McDermott Will & Emery to discuss how leaders in biotech can assess the current M&A and IPO landscape to choose the right exit strategy for their organization.

Tune in for insights into:

  • How to assess if it’s the right time to exit and what to look for in a potential partner
  • Emerging areas in biotech where future investment and deal flow is likely to increase
  • Why drug pricing policy is keeping biotech leaders up at night

Listen to the episode here: 


Episode 8: Unleashing Nurse-Led Innovation

As the largest group of clinicians in the healthcare workforce—and the frontline caregivers to patients—who better to lead the charge toward consumer-centric industry innovation than nurses?

Nurses, with the numbers and the skills to deliver meaningful value that betters patient outcomes, are already driving healthcare innovation. But their power in care innovation has not yet been unleashed, according to Unleashing Nurse-Led Innovation. The study found that:

  • Though both provider leaders and business innovators value the innovation and care skills nurses bring at the individual level—placing excellent clinical acumen skills and the interface of clinical innovation and technology in the top 4 most valuable skills for nurse innovators by 2025—neither group is prioritizing their skills at the leadership level.
  • Just 31% of provider leaders say they have a designated nursing leader whose primary responsibility is innovation, and just 46% of business innovators say their C-suite includes someone with a nursing background.
To fully unleash nurses’ power in care innovation, both industry stakeholders—and nurses themselves—must recognize and assert their role as leading innovators in healthcare. In this episode of BDO’s Health & Life Sciences Rx Podcast, Gina Tapper, MBA, MSN, BSN, clinical fellow and director in The BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence & Innovation, and Karen Meador, MD, MBA, senior physician executive and managing director in The Center, discuss the future of nursing innovation—and how to fully unleash it—with leaders from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, the American Nurses Association and Becton Dickinson.
Tune in for insights on:
  • The leadership, design thinking and clinical acumen skills nurses bring to the table—and their role in driving effective innovation
  • How investor communities, startups and entrepreneurs can remove current barriers to nursing innovation and unleash greater collaboration opportunities across the health ecosystem
  • Why now is the perfect time to unleash nursing innovation and prepare the next generation of nursing innovators

Listen to the episode here: 



Episode 7: Adapting to Changing Market Winds: Healthcare REITs And Private Equity

As developers and investors attempt to capture the growing senior housing and healthcare markets, the smartest players are focusing less on real estate and hospitality, and more on the operational and wellness sides of the business.    
In this episode of BDO's Health & Life Sciences Rx Podcast, Bobby Guy, shareholder at Polsinelli, leads a conversation about emerging areas for investment in senior living—with leaders from BlueMountain Capital Management, Lancaster Pollard, Silverado Senior Living and Summit Healthcare REIT. 
Tune in for insights on:
  • The convergence of senior healthcare and housing—and implications for healthcare REITs and private equity professionals
  • The operational and hospitality components that make senior housing and skilled nursing facilities attractive investment prospects 
  • The importance of providing education to seniors—and their caregivers—on all available housing and care models 

Listen to the episode here:




Episode 6: Preparing for the Future of Elder Care

Seniors—the fastest-growing U.S. age demographic—are poised to make up more than 20 percent of the U.S. population by 2029. And they’re moving to the driver’s seat of care. Now, they’re demanding elder care more rooted in empathy and designed on their own terms—and in their preferred environment. With these shifts, new types of entities—including those building alternative types of senior care communities—will form, and health organizations will need to create and fill new types of roles.

In this episode of BDO’s Health & Life Sciences Rx Podcast, Welltower CEO Tom DeRosa, sits down with Patrick Pilch, managing director and national leader of The BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence & Innovation, to discuss the role senior housing—and the community it can provide—plays in elder care’s future.

Tune in for a range of insights, including:
  • The housing and real estate component of providing empathy-based elder care
  • The challenges facing the U.S. healthcare delivery system, as a result of increased lifespans
  • The importance of managing social determinants of health for at-risk senior populations
Listen to the episode here: 



Episode 5: Global Conversations on Elder Care

The growth of the aging population—and providing proper care to that population—is an urgent challenge facing the global economy. Although each market has its own regulatory and cultural intricacies, we’ve found an antidote becoming more common across borders: an empathy-based elder care system focused on preserving independence.

Our latest episode of BDO’s Health & Life Sciences Rx Podcast explores common elder care opportunities and challenges in the U.S., Europe and China. Tune in to join our global Healthcare leaders in a conversation about:
  • Elder care’s move from facilities to the home
  • The way U.S. healthcare organizations and their European counterparts are relying on technology in different ways when it comes to preserving senior independence
  • The push for increased inbound and outbound investment into China’s healthcare sector—and the regulatory and cultural intricacies entities must mitigate
Listen to the episode here:


Episode 4: Checking Healthcare's Pulse

With KKR's $10 billion purchase of Envision Healthcare this summer, the largest healthcare buyout deal since the financial crisis, private equity's appetite for healthcare deals might well be stronger than ever. Meanwhile, with Amazon's emerging healthcare arm and an imminent deal between CVS and Aetna, providers are turning to digital innovation to help navigate industry disruption.  

In this episode, Faruk Amin of Juna Equity Partners and Patrick Pilch, co-leader of BDO's Center for Health Care Excellence and Innovation, join BDO's Todd Kinney to discuss these topics and more. Additionally, BDO's Steven Shill offers an outlook for the eldercare industry. 
Tune into the full episode for a range of insights, including:
  • What's triggering deal flow and high valuations across the health-care space.
  • How healthcare companies are capitalizing on new data sources.
  • Why elder-care providers are increasingly focused on preserving independence.
Listen to the episode here:


Episode 3: Finding the Right Dose of Portfolio Risk 

Steven Shill, partner and national leader of the BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence & Innovation, talks with Bert Notini, managing director with New Mountain Capital; and Ira Coleman, chairman and partner of McDermott Will & Emery, about where investors are placing their bets in healthcare, and why consumer-centric strategies seem most poised for growth.
Tune in to the full episode to hear about:
  • Why industry outsiders are entering healthcare 
  • How these outsiders are uniquely suited to improve customer service and lower costs
  • What business strategies have the most potential to create growth
Listen to the full episode:



Episode 2: Adjusting to Disruption: The “New Normal” in Healthcare

Patrick Pilch, Managing Director and National Leader of BDO’s healthcare advisory practice, talks with Lisa Alderson, co-founder and CEO of Genome Medical; Lee Jones, CEO of Rebiotix; Martin Kelly, founder and CEO of HealthXL; and Dr. William Payne, co-founder and CEO of, about how disruption is creating some opportunity for investments in healthcare and improving patients’ lives. Tune in to the full episode to hear about:
  • The exponential growth in genetic testing and genomic technologies
  • New drug therapies that are based on live organisms
  • Innovation in technology platforms connecting patients, providers, payers, industry, and investors
Listen to the full episode:


Episode 1: Fireside Chat with Dr. Karen DeSalvo


Dr. Karen DeSalvo—Professor of Medicine & Population Health, UT Austin Dell Medical School, former US Assistant Secretary for Health (Acting) & National Coordinator for Health IT—talks with Patrick Pilch, Managing Director and National Leader of BDO’s healthcare advisory practice, about the future of digital health and how data can be leveraged for public health purposes, population health management, planning, and disaster recovery. Tune in to the full episode to hear Dr. DeSalvo’s take on:

  • Using technology to understand a population’s health needs, where there are opportunities to intervene and improve healthcare offerings, and to predict arising health issues.
  • The government’s role on fostering and supporting innovation in healthcare
  • Her experience working in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina devastated the area and the lessons she learned regarding the importance of technology and data collection
Listen to the full episode:



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