Are You Getting the Full Benefit of the R&D Tax Credit? 

If you’re not claiming the R&D tax credit – but are attempting to develop or improve a product, process, software, or other component, you definitely aren’t. These are precisely the activities the credit was enacted to incentivize. 

If you are claiming the R&D tax credit – but aren’t using the stages of your development process and related documentation to identify and support your credit, you probably aren’t. Companies that look at their creditable activities and costs in terms of their development process typically claim and support significantly more credits than those who don’t. They also save time and money doing so.
To find out if you are receiving the full benefit of the R&D tax credit, take the short evaluation below.

1. Have/are you paying anyone to try to develop or improve in the U.S. the functionality or performance of a product, process, software, or other component using engineering or a physical or computer science?:

2. Which of the following U.S. expenses are related to this development?:

4. Do you incur expenses for such activities outside of the U.S. that you regard as significant?:

5. Is your company a closely held corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship whose annual gross receipts for the three preceding tax years average no more than $50 million?:

6. Is your company a for-profit corporation, partnership, or person with gross receipts this year of less than $5 million and no gross receipts prior to the five taxable years ending in the last tax year?:

7. Has your company paid federal or state income or similar tax in the last 3 years or expect to do so in the next 3 years?:





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