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Managing the Compliance Risks Associated with Business Travel

Developments in technology and changing tax regulations have led to many business boundaries changing or disappearing altogether. Staffing trends continue to shift from traditional long-term assignments toward shorter-term movement of employees, including short-term projects and those who frequently travel for business purposes to many locations.

Revenue authorities across the U.S and the globe are increasingly scrutinizing mobile employees and requiring additional compliance reporting. Knowing where your mobile employees are and what they are doing is a critical area of employee management. When data is distributed across multiple systems, tracking these individuals and handling the compliance complexities that accompany them make this a particularly complicated group of employees to manage. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated these issues as companies have had to adjust their approach to business travel.

BDO QuickTrip: The Business Traveler Tool

BDO QuickTrip is a secure HR portal to help you monitor your mobile employees. Travel data is analyzed by an extensive rules-engine comprising more than 6 million algorithms of tax rules and visa rules. Alerts are issued to the traveler and mobility teams as critical thresholds approach, allowing for a proactive method to maintain compliance and duty of care:
  • COVID-19 alerts, including “mark-me-in” function
  • Health alerts
  • Visa/immigration alerts
  • Passport alerts
  • Social Security alerts
  • Taxation alerts, including U.S. States
  • Permanent establishment alerts
  • Safety/panic alerts, including the ability to send and receive
  • Document production (e.g., Certificate of Coverage, Letter of Invite, Posted Worker)

Key Features of BDO QuickTrip:

  • Tracks business travelers for taxation, immigration and duty of care compliance
  • Offers smartphone GPS functionality that is optional and controlled by the business traveler
  • Monitors tax rules and visa rules of over 250 jurisdictions and updates with changes
  • Provides pre-trip assessment of future trips to get approvals on budget, HR and security (can route to internal or external providers)
  • Provides live trip monitoring and alerting for tax and immigration, as well as day count for fiscal year, rolling 6 and rolling 12 months
  • Includes a portal that provides detailed analytics on trip accumulation and can be used for document storage for critical business travel information
  • Keeps audit trail of communications and data entries
  • Monitors and notifies business travelers across multiple technology platforms
  • Allows for the integration of data (one time or real time) from travel provider systems (e.g. Concur) and human resource information systems (e.g. Workday), or bulk upload of data to the platform
  • Allows direct input of data on smartphones or other computing platforms
  • Offers the ability to customize the questionnaires and thresholds according to the needs of the company

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