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BDO National Training Conference Faculty Outreach

September 18, 2016
8:00 PM EST

Hilton Anatole
2201 N.Stemmons Fwy
Dallas, Texas 75207
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Stephanie Polon
(415) 490-3319
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September 18, 2016 - September 20, 2016

BDO USA, LLP invites you to an exclusive, invitation-only experience for key faculty contacts. BDO’s National Training Conferences are concurrently delivered multi-business line, level-specific training programs that blend technical, leadership and professional skills in the development of our professionals in serving our firm’s clients. You will have the opportunity to sit in on various training sessions, network with key BDO leadership, as well as the ~600 BDO attendees - and inherently learn more about BDO’s culture and core values. The programs each have a distinct targeted curriculum, yet also includes firm plenary sessions and cross-functional networking and evening events.  
Assurance New Associate*
Designed to introduce newly hired associates to their role as auditor and provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform audits with professional standards and BDO policies and procedure

Assurance Experienced Associate*
Designed to enable second-year associates to further develop their auditing and professional skills, while also preparing to in-charge smaller engagements

Assurance Auditor in Charge*
Designed to ensure new seniors who will in-charge multiple engagements in the coming year have a thorough understanding of the BDO audit approach and can manage all phases of the audit, including supervising staff members  

BDO Consulting Experienced Staff
Designed to provide all New BDO Consulting Associates and Senior Associates technical content tailored to participants’ educational needs and career development. Topics include engagement management, expert reports, quality control, and various other technical subjects that are intended to provide a solid foundation for all staff level employees within BDOC

Business Services & Outsourcing (BSO) Associates
Designed enable BSO associates to further develop their accounting and tax skills as new and experienced associates on outsourced engagements as well as compilations, reviews and tax preparations. Leadership skills curriculum include topics such as: how to provide exceptional client service, different types of communication, and understanding your role in contributing the Firm’s success
Business Services & Outsourcing (BSO) Seniors
Designed to provide BSO senior associates targeted technical and leadership skills content tailored to participants’ immediate needs. The Senior program is intended for all seniors who have proficiently been in-charging engagements and are considered ready for additional responsibilities in that role.

*While the September 2016 Assurance Curriculum is currently being finalized, for context, below is the detailed Curriculum delivered at these Assurance  programs in the prior year (and should be fairly comparable) 

New Associate Experienced Associate Auditor In Charge
Role of the New Associate Role of the Experienced Associate Role of the Auditor in Charge
Introduction to APT Auditing Accounts Receivable  Applying Professional Skepticism 
Audit Skepticism Rev Rec/Auditing Revenue-Overview Rev Rec/Auditing Revenue-Intermediate
Data Gathering Auditing Inventory Impairments
Auditing Cash Financial Statement Prep and Review Share Based Compensation-Overview
Audit Approach Auditing Accounting Estimates Reviewing Workpapers
Basic Audit Techniques Sampling-Overview Sampling-Intermediate
Workpaper Techniques Fraud Audit Procedures Fraud Audit Procedures
Auditing PP&E Internal Controls II Internal Controls II
Auditing AP/Accrued Expenses Substantive Analytical Procedures Coaching & Supervisory Skills
Auditing Journal Entries Exceptional Client Services Managing Multiple Priorities
Controls I
Preparing for Leading Teams Advanced Speak Up
Client Communications A Day in Life: Real World Conversations Driving Relationships: Your Role in Building Connections That Lead to Opportunities
Speak Up General Session-I: Welcome General Session-I Welcome
Unconscious Bias General Session-II: Firm Plenary General Session-II:Firm Plenary
People Who Know You, Know BDO    
General Session I-:Welcome