In a rapidly evolving business and regulatory environment, the right guidance is more important than ever. Our audit professionals draw on deep industry experience and global resources to help clients navigate change and strengthen the value of their businesses.

When thinking about your annual audit, consider the following:

  • How much do your auditors know about your industry?
    Your audit process can be made significantly more efficient and effective when the people handling it arrive already equipped with a firm understanding of the trends, opportunities, issues, and regulations that make your business unique. When you work with auditors who have industry experience, who regularly attend industry conferences, and who produce high-level thought leadership, the result is a more focused audit process with a greater awareness of where the risks are – and aren’t.
  • Do you have access to your auditor’s national technical resources?
    Your audit firm may have a national office full of talented, experienced professionals, but are they paying attention to your audit? These technical resources should be accessible, client-facing, and responsive; the more access you have, the better able you are to resolve issues before they cost you valuable resources, and to identify opportunities before they’ve passed you by. Ultimately, technical skill is only useful when it’s provided in a timely manner.
  • How strong is your relationship with your auditor?
    There’s no substitute for mutual understanding. Building a strong, committed professional relationship with your auditors not only strengthens the quality and efficiency of this year’s audit, but makes for a smoother process in audits to come. Engaging in candid, deep-dive sessions outside of formal audit committee meetings, for example, can significantly improve communication between you and your auditors. Developing best practices like this will allow you to effectively and efficiently address the many complex issues that affect your financial reporting and, by extension, your audit.


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Audit quality is a never-ending pursuit.
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