• Grow Your Business with
    the 80/20 Principle

Create profitable growth by focusing on what matters most

Strategy development requires excellent data driven decision making. Our 80/20 operating methodology amplifies your strategic planning process, improving organizational execution.

Pareto tells us that 80% of your results originate from 20% of the organizational customers, resources and efforts. Putting an 80/20 lens on your business strengthens the management team’s ability to make more effective strategic decisions on where and how to focus the organization. 80/20 will put a spotlight on the direct and indirect costs associated with the underlying complexity in your business. This facilitates business simplification efforts that consistently drive significant improvements in organizational productivity and profitability.  


Institutionalizing an 80/20 operating methodology in your business creates a cultural shift that helps your organization ensure that what matters most will never be at the mercy of those things that matter least.



How can your organization start to implement the 80/20 rule? 

BDO’s 80/20 Rapid Assessment helps your business do more with less by helping you:

► Understand the direct and indirect costs associated with underlying complexity

► Drive business simplification efforts to improve productivity and profitability

Identify opportunities to optimize costs and prioritize initiatives that rapidly improve performance

Organize an effective strategic planning process based on data-driven decision making
The BDO team has worked with over 100 organizations on 80/20-powered strategy projects and we’ve helped them collectively realize over $200 million of incremental operating income.



Wholesale Distributor uses 80/20 Rule to Increase Accountability, Grow Revenue and Reduce Operating

A $600 million wholesale distributor, part of a multi-billion dollar entity, was struggling with a variety of issues.

Segmenting Leads to Increased Operating Income and Reduced Labor Costs for Company

A multi-billion dollar, publicly-traded entity’s $500 million DEF Division producing and distributing highly engineered products mainly in North America was struggling with serving its “blue chip” customers. 

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