Using Microsoft Lync As A Phone System

By Anthony Caragol| July 04, 2013

At IT consulting firm, BDO Digital, we deploy Microsoft Unified Communications solutions, using Microsoft Lync as a voice platform and Microsoft Exchange as a voicemail platform. One cool Microsoft Lync feature is its ability to become your full voice solution, transforming your computer into a softphone. Watch our latest Microsoft Lync video to learn more about these exciting capabilities.

Microsoft Lync is a great alternative to the traditional PBX system. The product can seamlessly integrate into your office phone or turn your laptop into a softphone through Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, Microsoft Lync has all of the features you would expect in a phone system, including call forwarding, transferring, the ability to put callers on hold, etc., but offers significant enhancements to your communications infrastructure through a single interface uniting your voice communications, IM, and audio, video, and web conferencing.

Since Microsoft Lync is tightly integrated into the Microsoft office suite, everything you can do from Lync, including making phone calls can be done from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The ability to turn a user’s Microsoft applications into a communication system provides them with better opportunities to collaborate on projects and work together more efficiently and effectively in real time. Since, Microsoft Lync integrates into these programs users are already familiar with; there is a very little learning curve. The product is also highly intuitive and easy to use.

Microsoft Lync is a full featured and robust product with endless capabilities. At BDO Digital, we are very excited about it and are seeing more and more companies roll out Microsoft Lync as a full voice platform. It’s a really fun and exciting time for Microsoft Lync voice adoption at BDO Digital.

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