The Path to Modernizing Configuration Manager

By Brian Knackstedt| April 15, 2021
As more organizations invest in the Microsoft 365 model and modern workplace, we are often asked about moving from Microsoft Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) to Intune. If you are running ConfigMgr today, you are in a perfect position to start adding immediate value from the cloud. It's not entirely about migrating from one to another, but how to get the best of both worlds.

The journey starts with Tenant attach. This simple process allows you to connect ConfigMgr to the cloud and start seeing benefits through the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin console right away. From the admin console, you have a single point to manage all devices including the deep data that ConfigMgr has to offer and data that can be sent to Endpoint analytics, which offers insight on how devices and applications are performing. With Microsoft consistently adding features to the admin console, it has become a must have tool.

With so many users working remotely, extending ConfigMgr to the edge network is a requirement. While there are several ways to accomplish this, including some you may have already implemented, Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) is a very secure and reliable method. CMG is also feature-rich compared to other alternative options and can perform CMPiviots no matter where the device is physically located.

The last part of the process is enabling co-management by allowing the device to be managed by ConfigMgr and Intune at the same time. This allows moving workloads between the two management platforms. For example, many organization struggle with managing software updates because of the burden of consistent troubleshooting. Moving software updates from ConfigMgr to Intune can greatly reduce the complex management of updates.

With these three changes to Configuration Manager, it brings the power of the cloud to your on-premises environment.