The Tech Insights Report Is Here: Examining the Impact of Technology on Business [New Data]

By BDO Digital| August 22, 2018

Over the past few years, we’ve observed innovations in technology that have drastically impacted the day-to-day dealings of modern business. The exponential growth of information sharing, the device explosion, analytics anywhere, and new compliance and security concerns are just some of the many trends that have emerged. And while these individual shifts are important on their own, the use of technology in business has become so ubiquitous, we can no longer talk about these trends as silos in support of the business. Simply deploying a series of departmental technology upgrades is no longer enough to protect against disruption, let alone drive greater business value. True transformation requires an immersive strategy across multiple layers of business.

We understand the importance of keeping a pulse on how technology and digital transformation are impacting the companies we work with. That is why we commissioned the Tech Insights Report – a comprehensive study that seeks to evaluate how midsize businesses are utilizing technology to achieve real business value.

We hope the results of this survey, augmented by BDO Digital's 35 years of experience, can provide you with a benchmark on which to measure the progress your organization is making, help you identify some of the top challenges and priorities ahead, and offer a better understanding of how to navigate your way through today’s complex and ever-changing business landscape.

In this report, we’ve included new data points on how technology is impacting business. Here are a few key findings:

  1. IT is considered a strategic enabler of the business
  2. Improving workforce productivity is a top priority
  3. IT organizations recognize the dire threat of cyberattack, but still have a lot of work to do when convincing the business
  4. The race to the cloud is well underway, but midsize companies appear to be trailing their enterprise counterparts
  5. Respondents don’t necessarily understand how to enable their people in a rapidly changing digital landscape
  6. Data analytics is a mainstream idea, but still not mainstream in practice
  7. Disruption is a real threat, and a real concern for midsize businesses
Transforming business for the digital age