New Year, New Budgets: CEO's Guide to IT Spending in 2017

By BDO Digital| January 23, 2017

As technology continues to affect every layer of business, the scope and allocation of an IT budget has become more complex, leaving business executives with the problem of figuring out how to keep the business running while pursuing innovative new opportunities for digital transformations within the business.

In our recent CEO Guide: Solving the Mystery of IT Budgets, we explore 4 primary considerations business executives should use to lift the shroud, generate a productive conversation with their IT team and ensure they have an effective IT strategy to advance their business in 2017.

  1. Slice your budget by innovation vs. maintenance
  2. Categorize by function (infrastructure, end user support, productivity applications, line of business applications, customer-focused applications)
  3. Detailed time tracking
  4. Allocate IT costs for greater transparency as to who is spending your IT resources

Findings from our recent Mid-market Survey report that both business and IT leaders are predicting growth over the next 12 months, and they’re relying heavily on technology to drive that growth. Setting a clear and deliberate budget at the beginning of the year will be essential to ensuring your business has enough resources to achieve their goals while not falling victim to overspending or incomplete technology initiatives.

These four key considerations are designed to give IT leaders strategy guidance that addresses the management and decision-making aspect of IT budgets. To learn more about how to budget for IT spending in 2017, download our CEO Guide to Solving the Mystery of IT Budgets.

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