[DEMO] You Can't Teach Old Apps New Tricks – Business Application Modernization

By BDO Digital | November 18, 2019

About Business Application Modernization (BAM)

Organizations are dependent on applications to run their core business and many of these applications have become the lifeblood of the business. Eventually, many of these applications become outdated and difficult to maintain, resulting in a patchwork of short-term “solutions” that may not adhere to security and compliance standards.

BDO Digital has developed a Business Application Modernization approach to help you take a holistic view and asses your current app portfolio. In this way, you can understand what modern solutions are out there and how to ask the appropriate questions to determine if you are focusing your money and efforts on the right tools.

In our Business Application Modernization Demo, we walk through the challenges around using older technology and provide five options on how to approach modernizing this technology.

This Demo will explore:

  • Legacy systems, the problem with legacy apps and the business processes they can disrupt
  • An Application Portfolio assessment to help you better understand your portfolio solutions
  • How an App Modernization Approach can help you drive more revenue, decrease cost and provide new capabilities

To put this in perspective, this demo demonstrates how a Chicago-based transportation company used an App Modernization Approach to address the challenge surrounding their legacy apps. While there are many other cases in which the App Modernization Approach can be used, the same questions and principles outlined in this demo can be applied to your business.


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