Microsoft Office 365 Business FAQs

By BDO Digital | October 19, 2016

Microsoft Office 365 is a serious departure from earlier versions of the Office Suite. From what devices are supported to concerns about the cloud, here are some common questions our Microsoft experts hear from midsize businesses considering Office 365 in the cloud.

What devices are supported with Office 365?

You can access O365 through any device which connects to the Internet. Android, iOS and Windows applications exist for most of the main O365 workloads (Outlook, Office, SharePoint, etc.).

With Office 365 being in the cloud, how common is it that we’ll experience downtime?

Microsoft’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) promises 99.9% scheduled uptime and, with multiple worldwide data centers and high levels of redundancy, you can rest assured that availability is unlikely to be a problem. Microsoft is also very transparent with administrative users with up-to-date issue communication around any and all types of issues, providing a reliable source of truth.

How is productivity improved in Office 365 versus earlier versions?

The suite of Office 365 tools can help you streamline your day. You are able to collaborate in real-time with users from any device, regardless of where they are physically located and within a shared document you are working on together. Office 365 also learns from what you are doing using features like clutter, or delve, to help users better understand their own habits and productivity blockers.

How do I get the most our of Office 365?

Microsoft makes is extremely easy to get started with O365. To help ease the transition, they will provide customers an installable piece of software to easily connect the latest versions of Office at no charge. The Office 365 setup provides step-by-step guidance for setting up O365 for businesses.

The bigger challenge when getting started with Office 365 is understanding how to manage and govern continuous innovation within the solution in order to reach its full potential. Here are some important questions to ask yourself before getting started with Office 365.

  1. What Office 365 Assets Do we Own Already and Which Applications are Fully Deployed?
  2. Which Business Units Collaborate Most and Who Could Explain the Pain Points?
  3. How Well Can We Define and Quantify Cloud Use Cases and a Roadmap?
  4. Do We Know How to Enable Our End-User and Improve Their Adoption of Cloud Services?
  5. How Well Can We Manage Continuous Cloud Service Innovation?

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