Does My Organization Need Managed Defense?

By Ric Opal| July 27, 2018

In our last blog, we talked about the challenges midmarket organizations face when trying to build a strong cyber defense while enabling their workforce. Despite all the attention on cybersecurity today, many midsize organizations still struggle to change their approach to defend against modern threats.

In our experience, this perceived inability to manage today’s modern threats comes down to these two challenges:

  • A shortage of skilled security and compliance professionals to lead the charge
  • A lack of awareness regarding capabilities in modern security solutions – such as Microsoft 365

Managed Defense + Microsoft 365 = A Recipe for Success

Fortunately, more service providers are emerging that understand the needs of midsize companies and can help bridge the skill gap. If you’re not able to answer YES to these five questions, then chances are you can benefit from an outsourced Managed Defense team.

  1. Do you know who is accessing your data?
  2. Can you grant access to your data based on risk in real-time?
  3. Can you quickly find and react to a breach?
  4. Can you protect your data on devices, in the cloud, and in transit?
  5. Do your users love their work experience?

A managed defense team, powered by Microsoft 365, can help businesses stay agile and competitive while keeping their data, tools, and resources accessible to employees. Whether you’ve already invested in the Microsoft stack, or you’re still exploring your options, here are some of the ways a Managed Defense team can help you harden your systems and counteract today’s modern threats:

  • Invest in Technology: Microsoft 365 is trusted to have all the security controls you need to protect against modern threats while maintaining accessibility for your users, but are you aware of all these capabilities, and are you leveraging them properly?
  • Manage and Monitor: Keep your data secure by regularly reviewing user activity, monitoring permission sprawl, and continuing to execute recommended processes to maintain overall environment security.
  • Educate Your Users: Empowering users to recognize threats and educating them on security protocols is one of the most important components of any security strategy. Modern organizations need to develop a plan that ensures their employees are well trained on the subject of security.

Security is an on-going need, and a shortage of skilled security and compliance professionals has led many customers to rely on partners to provide the security services they need to reduce risk. Our certified experts have expansive practical experience identifying and closing security gaps, managing complex security breaches, and protecting your data in the cloud. Contact us to learn more about our Managed Defense services.

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