The Guiding Principles of User Enablement and Adoption

By Larry Jensen| March 22, 2018

So far, in our Workforce Transformation blog series, we’ve covered Productivity, Protection, and Platform. Today, we’ll look at the fourth “P” that rounds out the Four Ps of Workforce Transformation – People.

A typical mid-market organization will spend between $96 and $240 per employee annually on software to improve productivity. 15% of these organizations make a serious effort to foster adoption of new capabilities among their people, and are rewarded with:

  • Measurable operational efficiencies and risk reduction
  • Observable improvement in customer interactions and retention
  • Greater leverage against disruptive forces like churn of high-value employees

Technology is a tool. People create results when they use the tools effectively. Of course, there is one inherent problem with this – people don’t like change.

The Five Principles of User Enablement & Adoption

To help our clients overcome the change problem, and foster a culture of innovation, BDO Digital developed the Five Principles of User Enablement and Adoption.

Workforce Transformation

  • Marketing – How can you help people buy in to what you’re trying to accomplish?
  • Change Management – Driving innovation and change doesn’t have to be difficult. What does a process for making this happen look like?
  • Training – How do we enable so many different groups and individuals throughout our organization to be successful?
  • Support – What will it take to manage this rollout without serious disruption to the organization, and how do we maintain momentum in production operation?
  • Feedback – How do we get better as we go during deployment, and capture the wisdom and understanding of our people to continuously innovate and improve how we execute?

Our return on technology investment is directly proportional to how well our people adopt its capabilities to work more effectively. If we’re going to ask our people to change how they get work done, and if it’s really important that we’re able to measure success and return on the investment, we need to include User Enablement and Adoption in our plan for success!

user adoption methodology

Transforming your workforce can’t happen without enabling your people and creating a culture of innovation.

In our final Workforce Transformation blog, we’ll tie our 4 Ps together to set a holistic digital workforce transformation approach.


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