4 Strategic Technology Trends Mid-Market Businesses Must Embrace in Order to Grow in 2017

By BDO Digital| January 05, 2017

A lot has happened in the world of business technology over the past year. Rapidly evolving technology has fundamentally changed how core business is conducted and, as a result, business leaders across all industries have become keenly aware that, in order to maintain relevancy, they simply must embrace the changes more quickly or risk losing their competitive advantage.

Mid Market Companies

The power and ubiquity of business technology have helped level the playing field and reduce the discrepancy between small businesses and larger corporations. Today’s mid-market organizations who leverage new technology to their advantage are realizing levels of success that were unimaginable a few years ago.

While technology is making a significant impact on the potential for small and mid-market growth, the increasing speed and complexity of technology advancements have made it difficult for business leaders to identify and act upon new initiatives.

The Mid-Market Technology Report identifies the top 4 emerging trends that are having the greatest impact on business. Business leaders who follow these guidelines will reap the benefits of building competitive advantage and greater profitability in 2017

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