[DEMO] Microsoft Security and Compliance

By BDO Digital | November 25, 2019

About Microsoft Compliance Manager

Microsoft Compliance Manager is an ongoing risk assessment tool that centralizes compliance activities. Keeping compliant is easy with Compliance Manager’s dashboard, which provides a summary of your data protection, compliance stature and recommendations.

Compliance Manager also uses a role-based access control permission model. By default, everyone in your organization with Azure Active Directory accounts has full access for Compliance Manager.

There are three key capabilities of compliance manager:

On-going risk assessment: An intelligent score that reflects your compliance posture against regulations and standards

Actionable insights: Recommended actions to improve your data protection capabilities

Simplified compliance: Streamlined workflow across teams and richly detailed reports for auditing preparation

Keeping Compliant and Staying Compliant

With over 200 compliance controls being released each day, how will you know if you’re compliant today? How do you know that you’ll be compliant in a month? It’s no longer a once a year issue – this is an ongoing issue that needs to be monitored. It is important to make compliance a priority for your organization.

To give you an example, New York passed the “NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation” shortly after GDPR was implanted in Europe in May of 2018. Soon after California followed the suit and signed similar legislation. Now, many states are moving to pass privacy regulations that companies must abide by. Companies need to start preparing now because it is only a matter of time before these legislations will impact your business.





Achieving organizational compliance is teamwork between compliance, privacy, IT, HR, marketing and other line-of-business teams. That is why it is important to have the right tools, such as Compliance Manager, in place to help act on any compliance gaps.

In our Demo, Patrick Wirtz, a Microsoft Security and Compliance Technical Specialist, will walk through Microsoft’s Compliance Manager solution within Office 365’s Teams.

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This Demo Will Explore:

  • How to protect your organization from a risk and compliance perspective
  • The importance of achieving your Compliance Goals
  • How to get started with Compliance Manager
  • The key capabilities of Compliance Manager

To help you get started, this demo shows you how to navigate Compliance Manager to begin to assess your compliance gaps. For the purpose of this demo, Patrick Wirtz walks you through the features of the tool and demonstrates the customer-managed controls and assessment scoring capabilities.

Although tools like Compliance Manager can help you gain a better understanding of regulations impacting your company, it is also important to have the right partner in place to advise your company based on your priorities. As always, BDO Digital stands ready to help your company manage the new regulatory landscape, contact us to learn more about our compliance services.