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The only way to protect a business is to detect, automate and reduce risks. Is your business protected?

More than a year into the pandemic, it’s clear that remote working will continue to be the norm for a large portion of the workforce. As a result, cybersecurity experts expect the number of cyberattacks to continue to rise. As we recognize National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we encourage you to make cybersecurity a top priority and plan your cybersecurity strategy. BDO is helping middle market companies minimize cyber risks and maximize opportunities so you can rest assured, rest secured. We’ll cover topics such as:

Evaluating the Maturity of your
Cybersecurity Program

Find out if your organization is cyber ready or needs additional defenses.

Ethics Around E-Discovery,
Data Protection & Cybersecurity

Hear about the latest technology lessons and challenges.

Cybersecurity in PCI

Learn about the set of security standards that the credit card industry must adhere to for the security of cardholders.


The cyber threat landscape is ever evolving. Learn more about our Cybersecurity services.


  Find out how BDO Digital’s Managed Defense services leverages Microsoft 365 and Windows Defender ATP to protect your organization.
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