Updating Multiple Records in CRM

By Will Robinson| June 01, 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and 2015 have powerful capabilities for sales, marketing and service automation, landing them a spot as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for sales force automation and CRM customer engagement. If there was one chink in the armor of Dynamics CRM, it would be the ability to update multiple records at once. If you are a sales professional with dozens of opportunities, you are acutely aware of this issue. One of the most common use cases for sales professionals is to update the Estimated Close Date on opportunities. Instead of opening up each opportunity in a new window, which slows down productivity, the user makes multiple updates at once and saves the changes.

BDO Digital has created an add-on that allows CRM users to update multiple records on one pane of glass or view. The add-on application is called CRM Inline Editor. Here are the features of the CRM Inline Editor:

  • Create and/or edit multiple records at once without repeatedly opening new CRM windows
  • Can be embedded in a form to quickly add related records to an existing opportunity, account, or any other record type
  • Supports all CRM data types, and can be used with either custom or CRM standard record types Screenshots illustrate how a user can quickly add many related records (a custom rent entity) to an opportunity that represents a process for leasing retail property
  • When you are done making your changes to the related CRM records, you can click “Save,” or click the “Add New” button to create additional records


Microsoft Dynamics demo