Teams Integration for Dynamics 365

By Sean Baker| April 01, 2020
With the current rise of work from home given the COVID-19 crisis it’s important to be sure your sales team is leveraging the proper tools to help facilitate CRM use and tracking of leads and pipeline. When everyone is in the office together it’s much easier to sync up on opportunities or lead lists but with remote work Teams makes it possible to collaborate and support sales teams, so sales executives are not tripping over each other like making the duplicate calls to the same lead list or account.

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 into Teams allows users and sales team to manage leads and opportunities through a variety of ways:

Share a lead lists with a Team

With the Dynamics 365 app for Teams installed you can create a custom lead list within Dynamics and share that list to a Team. The team can collaborate and work together to collaborate on prospecting. Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Activities can be tracked right within Teams. Additionally, key files can be attached to the CRM record through teams.

Collaborate on Opportunities

If you have complex opportunities that require the support of multiple people within a sales team you can create a Team specific to that opportunity. When having key discovery calls to scope an opportunity you can converse with the assigned team. The conversation will be logged in Teams and can be searched and referenced later.

Work smarter in account management

Do you have key accounts or initiatives that require a team of folks? Pinging people one by one is not always the most productive way to go about your work. Setting up a team based off an account record will allow those users that are connected to the account in CRM communicate with in the specified Team. Within a client team, different channels can be created for different initiatives. For example, you can have channels for Sales, Development and Delivery. This will allow key account team members to help identify status and potential gaps that need to be addressed with the team or customer.

Keeping sales moving with a remote workforce doesn’t have to be difficult. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 into Teams and using it regularly allows your sales executives the best collaboration you’ll find while maintaining efficiency.