How to Recruit Talent Using Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn: Demo

By BDO Digital| June 12, 2019

If you are going to get a job today, chances are high that LinkedIn will be involved. The social site for professionals has over 575 million users with more than 260 million monthly active users. Of that 260 million, 40% are engaging with it on a daily basis.

Companies are reaching out to both active and passive candidates on LinkedIn, and the statistics are pretty impressive.

So if you’re an HR manager responsible for finding top talent for your organization, why reinvent the wheel by building your own talent pool when there are 104 million potential candidates already active on LinkedIn each day?

Besides being a powerful CRM solution for sales, finance, and supply chain industries, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be a versatile HR tool as well. Recruiters can utilize integration features to leverage LinkedIn Recruiter from within Dynamics 365 to actively connect with these individuals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

By adding the for Talent feature to Dynamics 365, the CRM solution helps organizations digitally transform the way they recruit candidates by placing people at the center of a mobile, cloud-based solution that enables recruiters to attract and hire the right people through a collaborative hiring process. Here are three ways how.

Consolidate Information

Data is everywhere and consolidating it into one centralized source of truth is ideal. Manually pulling data from LinkedIn to your CRM takes time, so anytime you can automate these tasks will help you save a ton of time.

Using an integration between LinkedIn Recruiter and Dynamics 365 for Talent, a recruiter can see the full history of interactions with candidates, such as roles they’ve previously applied for within your organization, which stages they got to in the interview process, and past interview feedback and notes. This helps the recruiter be fully informed as well as helps maintain a consistent process for the candidate.

Improve Productivity & Time to Hire

While InMailing candidates within LinkedIn Recruiter, you can ask to add them to your company’s talent pool within Dynamics 365 for Talent, and export them directly against an open role.

Back within Dynamics 365 for Talent, the candidate’s profile will automatically update against the role along with all notes, saving the recruiter much time doing research and data entry.

Another way a recruiter can be more productive is by creating different Talent Pools within Dynamics 365 to manage candidates for future roles. They can then easily refer back to these candidates and view their updated LinkedIn profiles to see if they are still a fit and open to a new job.

Deliver an Exceptional Candidate Experience

Research shows if it takes more than four minutes for candidates to apply for a job, there will be a significant drop off in the number of candidates applying. No one wants to enter their information in multiple times – especially when they already have a resume and LinkedIn.

Easy Apply is a feature that makes it easier for candidates apply to your open position with one click. Applying in using your LinkedIn profile instead of filling out online forms, sometimes more than once, significantly cuts down the time – and frustration - it takes for a candidate to apply for your role. This will both increase the number of candidates you will get as well as deliver an exceptional experience for them. Win win!

Want to see this in action? Watch a short demo here.

Microsoft Dynamics demo