When Should I Start My Cloud PBX PoC?

By Anthony Caragol| June 07, 2017

For any business who depends on phone systems for sales calls, customer service and support, and internal communication, a phone system outage could lead to disastrous consequences. Yet, most phone solutions in place today aren’t resilient enough to recover from worst-case scenarios.  Some of these challenges include:

  • The business doesn’t fully understand the system
  • Inclement weather prevents staff from making it to the office to perform their duties
  • Remote workforce relies on cell phones, leading to inefficiencies and financial waste when left unchecked

The Time for Cloud PBX Is Now

By now, the move to the cloud is an actively discussed topic in boardrooms. Chances are, you already have critical workloads in Office 365. Why not eliminate the complexity and risk associated with your current phone system and let Office 365 take over?

It wasn’t that long ago that we were still waiting for Cloud PBX to mature. Therefore, a hybrid approach was considered the safest bet. Jump to today, Microsoft’s recent announcement of feature enhancements and service level agreements has solidified Microsoft’s Cloud PBX as a mature solution. Thanks to these recent enhancements, fully migrating your phone system to the cloud via Office 365 is now a viable (often preferred) option for most businesses.

Whether you’re considering a change to your communications platforms or not, now is the time to understand how Skype can enhance your productivity. Setting up your PoC can be done relatively quickly, and there are many benefits. That being said, it will require thoughtful, experienced analysis of your existing communications and telephony functionality to ensure a successful transition.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner who can aid in navigating these technical shifts, we specialize in helping to identify productivity gains and the impact of the change to your organization. Contact us to learn more about our Unified Communications solutions and how to run your phone system in the cloud.

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