Top Three Reasons Mid-Market Companies Are Moving to the Cloud

By BDO Digital| July 27, 2016

BDO Digital has experienced a surge in cloud-related work in recent years. Our projects related to on-premise upgrades of commodity productivity applications like email have all but evaporated, replaced by migration to cloud-based solutions like Office-365. Forbes confirms our experience, citing 72% of all companies have applications in the cloud, and over the next year, IT departments will spend approximately 25 percent of their budget on Cloud Solutions. Thanks to the maturity of cloud computing technology, the cloud now offers practical, real-world solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Cloud-First Value Propositions

Based on early findings of BDO Digital's Mid-Market Survey, 36% of midmarket organizations are already in the process of migrating to the cloud. Another 41% are seriously planning or considering the move to the cloud in the near future. These organizations cited the following advantages as the primary driving forces in their decision to move to the cloud.

  1. Agility - Agility is how mid-market companies complete. With the cloud, companies are able to enter new markets quickly, drive innovation, and improve user experience on a new level.
  2. Scalability- Cloud allows infrastructure barriers to be removed, the ability to right size your needs and de-emphasize resource planning.
  3. Economics- You will be able to shed capital investments, pay for what you consume, and leverage aggressive new licensing.


1. Business Agility

Small businesses are often faced with limited resources when undertaking new ventures, while larger organizations get bogged down by layers of establishment. However, mid-market organizations are agile, making them uniquely poised to leverage the cloud in a variety of ways:

  • Add differentiated value by quickly entering new markets
  • Eliminate the typical risks associated with experimentation and drive innovation
  • Increase adoption of new technologies and improve the overall user experience

2. Scale Technical Footprint on Demand

In order to remain competitive, today’s businesses need to scale quickly. With the cloud, organizations are able to eliminate infrastructure barriers and scale with greater flexibility and speed to meet their needs.

  • Technology barriers are eliminated since IT resources are only a click away
  • Right-size your needs accordingly
  • Guesswork is eliminated to predict resource allotment

3. Licensing Models and Consumption-Based Pricing

Mid-markets typically know how to stretch their resources. The Cloud allows companies to get more for less because it eliminates tactical maintenance concerns.

  • Increase output with less support
  • Pay only for what you consume and benefit from economies of scale
  • Focus on strategic projects and get out of the server maintenance business focus

Migrating Your Workload to the Cloud

A cloud-first strategy doesn’t have to mean that all workloads should be migrated to the cloud. Allowing value to drive all cloud decisions is key to determining what should be migrated, and in what order. For instance, new workloads and the productivity apps are existing workloads that should be transferred to the cloud first.

Ready to Take the Leap?

If you are looking to adopt the cloud to help you reach your business goals, BDO Digital can develop a roadmap for an individualized strategy to migrate to the Cloud. Contact BDO Digital to learn more about how the cloud can help you.

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