Azure AD Application Proxy Offers Cost-Effective, Secure, and Simple Remote Access to On-Premises Web Applications

By Brett Benson| July 18, 2018

In the past, if a company wanted to offer remote access to their on-premises web applications, the best solutions available were VPN and placing applications in the DMZ. Jump to today, and employees more mobile than ever. Modern organizations have to be able to provide remote access to on-premises applications, and this solution must be secure and convenient for employees to use.

While legacy solutions may still be able to get the job done, they are costly and vulnerable to security breaches. Fortunately, advancements in new technology are making it easier than ever for organizations to cost-effectively and securely provide remote access to on-premises web applications.

Leveraging Azure AD Application Proxy

Within Azure Active Directory, Azure AD Application Proxy provides remote access as a service. This gives employees a smooth and consistent experience, similar to the way they would access other SaaS apps, like Office 365, without the need for haggling with a VPN. For those that already have an Office 365 subscription, you’ll be pleased to know that you already have access to this powerful tool!

Azure AD Application Proxy is included in Azure AD Basic and Azure AD Premium. It’s extremely easy to implement, which means you can rest assured there’s no difficult installation necessary. Azure AD Application Proxy uses only outbound connections without any inbound ports open on the firewall. Since there are no changes necessary within on-premises apps, it’s basically a plug-and-play style solution.

Secure Mobile Access Applications

Mobility has become central in today’s fast-paced work environment. As employees have come to view mobile devices as essential to their productivity, it’s a critical time to carefully consider your remote access system.

With Azure AD Application Proxy, security is guaranteed with the ability to put conditional access in place, as well as multi-factor authentication. These streamlined features weren’t always available with legacy remote access solutions. It’s not feasible to cut out remote access, but the good news is that you can implement a secure and efficient system that lets your employees gain remote access to business applications when they need it the most. Plus, implementing Azure AD Application Proxy can help prevent troublesome data breaches. This is a well-rounded way to solve all your remote access concerns.

If you’d like to learn more about leveraging Azure AD Application Proxy to cut costs and improve security, contact our team today.

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