Working as an Intern at BDO Digital

By Shelbie Jones| December 07, 2015

Have you ever come across one of those internships where the job description list "copy maker," "errand runner," or "office barista" at the primary role? That's not what you'll find here at BDO Digital. Our interns get the opportunity to not only experience what it’s like to work at a cutting edge technology company, but to also participate in a professional development program that prepares students for a career in the real world.

Intern Professional Development Program at BDO Digital

Interns at BDO Digital have the opportunity to work on projects for some of Chicago's top clients. Our Professional Development Program ensures that the proper training and support are available to help our interns find success. One of the biggest advantages to our Professional Development Program is the opportunity to receive mentorship by some of Chicago’s top developers, marketers and recruiters. Students looking to advance their skills in projects ranging from creating custom web applications, working on IT Managed Services Help/Service Desk, and recruiting new employees to join the team will leave with a clear understanding of what it's like to work in their field and a strong competitive advantage over their peers – you won’t be fetching coffee for anyone here!

What It's Like to Work as an Intern at BDO Digital

As students, we’re taught that the primary purpose of an internship is to provide us with real world experiences within our chosen field. As a current Human Resources Intern at BDO Digital, I am confident that my experience has more than prepared me for a future career after graduation. When I first started, I didn't have a technology background, but over the past several months, I learned more than I ever imagined about how technology can be used to enhance today's businesses. One of my favorite projects that I have been tasked with during my time at BDO Digital has been recruiting other interns for our various teams. It’s been exhilarating and satisfying to interact with students who finally get the chance to apply what they’ve been learning in class to hands-on projects. For example, right now our Software Development Interns are finishing up a 12-week program in which they’ve created an application for a client. The opportunity to work alongside full-time employees on projects that directly impact the company shows the confidence BDO Digital has in their interns.


Intern-to-Hire Opportunities

BDO Digital prides itself on our intern-to-hire percentage as a testament to the quality of our professional development programs for students. We consider our interns part of the team and do everything we can to invest in their success – as we do with all of our employees. We are looking for sharp, passionate students who are interested in a fast-paced, exciting career in technology. While BDO Digital is a technology consulting firm, there are internship opportunities across all departments, including Managed IT Services, Software Development, Digital Marketing and Human Resources teams, to name a few.