Not Your Average Service Desk: How Happy Employees Make Exceptionally Happy Clients

By Susie Cummings| May 10, 2018

Creating a work culture where employees are inspired and motivated to deliver high-quality service to customers takes dedication from the entire team. At BDO Digital, we’re proud of our recognitions and accomplishments, both in the workplace as well as outside of it.

We’ve been saying it for years, happy consultants = happy clients. But this simple formula also holds true the other way around: happy clients = happy consultants. Employees with positive attitudes towards their work are proud of what they do, and a proud consultant genuinely wants to see their clients succeed.

Here are just some of the ways a positive work culture can directly benefit clients and employees alike.

5 Ways Work Culture Influences Service Desk Delivery

Autonomy of Work

Technology is rapidly changing. To limit your Service Desk to the same set of predetermined protocols would be doing a disservice to your clients as well as employees. Regardless of your position in the company, everyone needs an outlet to share their ideas without feeling intimidated or micromanaged. This means having the autonomy to look at each new user issue with a fresh lens and make recommendations based on the situation at hand. This approach creates more room to get to the root of the problem rather than applying a prescribed formula or incentive geared towards the action of just closing tickets.

Depth and Breadth of Projects

What keeps our consultants happy and engaged is knowing that every day at BDO Digital is different. Our Service Desk consultants are exposed to a wide range of projects, from application support to access requests. Backed by the experience of our collective team, Service Desk consultants on every level have the support they need to tackle complex challenges and shadow higher tier team members to gain exposure to a wide variety of technologies and scenarios. Because of this exposure, our Tier 1 team member can start delivering on Tier 2 or 3 incidents or requests much faster. For clients, this translates to fewer escalations, quicker resolutions, and ultimately happier and more productive users.


It’s important to realize that developing new skills often doesn’t come naturally. You need to have organized training programs, one-on-one mentorship, and other resources to support your team. In addition to corporate-led technical and consulting skills training, we encourage team members to “lean in” and participate in building our collective skills. One program that’s been building momentum at BDO Digital is our CCNA study group that reimburses our team for obtaining their Cisco network certifications. We provide the space, training materials, and food to nurture the team to further their education. Naturally, a continuous cycle of learning will translate to how well our team is able to deliver quality recommendations and quickly remediate issues to our customers.

Career Development

For employees who have a desire to advance; it’s important that they have the option to pursue their passion. At BDO Digital, our Service Desk team can work up the ranks as a consultant, or they have the option to go into management or a highly specialized technical support role. We’ve even seen some Service Desk employees branch out into other departments of the organization like Data Analytics. When your employees know they have a solid future ahead of them, they’re more likely to go that extra mile for customers because they know it will benefit their futures as well.


Beyond building technical competencies, we never forget to have fun along the way. Work/life balance is an integral part of every career. To foster this, we sponsor a wide variety of programs both in and out of the office to help employees build relationships and recharge after a long week. These programs include wellness activities, team outings, happy hours, and friendly competitions. Those small gestures make a big difference in employee satisfaction and retention, and ultimately impact the level of service and patience we offer our clients.

The best way to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers is to hire and train great people. This is something we have valued here at BDO Digital for decades, and it’s what drives our core values. If you’re interested in learning more about how we enable our team to do their best work or would like to learn more about open positions at BDO Digital, check out our Careers.